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SASinno Americas Installs Ant-i2 Selective Soldering Machine atLonestar EMS, dba Circuitronics

Sasinno Americas is proud to announce the successful installation of its new Ant-i2 Selective Soldering machine at Lonestar EMS, LLC dba Circuitronics, a premier electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider based in Texas. This installation marks a significant enhancement in Lonestar EMS, LLC dba Circuitronics’ production capabilities, enabling faster and more efficient assembly processes.

The Ant-i2 Selective Soldering machine is designed for high-volume offline production of small boards, with the flexibility to accommodate larger boards as well. Equipped with two drop jet fluxers, a bottom preheating zone, and an optional top preheating zone, the Ant-i2 can handle two boards simultaneously, effectively doubling production capacity. It supports boards up to 13.8 x 17.7 inches and includes features such as live on-camera viewing, auto wave height calibration, flux level alarm, and solder level alarm.

Mike Young, CEO of SASinno Americas, expressed his enthusiasm about the installation, stating, “The Ant-i2 is a game-changer for Lonestar EMS, LLC dba Circuitronics. Its advanced capabilities and competitive pricing will significantly reduce assembly time and enhance soldering quality across large production runs. We are confident that this machine will provide Lonestar EMS, LLC dba Circuitronics with the efficiency and reliability they need to meet their customers’ high demands.”

The sale and installation were facilitated by Scott Fillebrown of SW Systems, a reputable representative group in the Texas region known for its exceptional service and support in the electronics manufacturing industry.

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