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Computrol, Inc., a world-class provider of mid- to low-volume, high-mix electronic manufacturing services to OEMs, continues to build on its core services and capabilities by investing in versatile, high-speed manufacturing equipment and technology, as well as continuing training programs for employees. With manufacturing facilities in Meridian, Idaho, and Westminster, CO, they are a leading national provider ofelectronics manufacturing capabilities, serving military, medical, aerospace, broadcast and general industry customers.

We recently spoke with Jon Hanson, President of Computrol, to discuss their involvement in medical device manufacturing.
1. Tell me about your company’s involvement in the medical device manufacturing industry.

We build printed circuit board assemblies, cable and wire harnesses and product integration for medical device OEMs,

2. How is working with medical device technology more stringent than other industries?

A medical device is often the difference between life anddeath for a patient. When medical professionals need a medical device, there is no room for product failure. The critical nature of these medical devices requires stringent processes and controls not found in commercial or consumer devices. These additional requirements add a level of complexity and cost to the production process, but they produce a much more reliable product. Additional certifications like ISO 13485 are often needed just to be qualified to bid on building medical devices.

3. What sort of changes are you seeing in the medical device industry due to the effects of COVID-19? How will the pandemic change the face of Medical Device Manufacturing?

If medical devices were instrumental to fighting COVID-19, demand in 2020 was high. Many other devices had lower than normal demand because hospital capital expenditures were down overall in 2020.

I believe that improving and simplifying supply chains will be the biggest long term change to Medical Device Manufacturing that comes from the pandemic.

4. Have you seen a surge in the demand for medical devices?

For devices that are related to COVID-19, yes.

5. As the global market for medical device manufacturers increases, do you see supply chain and material issues becoming more widespread and longer lasting?

In the electronics market in particular, we have seen significant challenges in the supply chain over the last few months and we expect that these challenges will continue for some time. These challenges extend beyond medical devices and the commercial, automotive, defense and other sectors are experiencing these challenges as well.

6. Medical device manufacturing can be highly specialized—do you find it difficult to balance medical manufacturing work while still serving other industries? Would you consider yourselves ‘vertically integrated’?

Computrol has built its business around providing high quality, on time delivery for all its customers. We focus on industries and customers that have products that are difficult to source and build. Because of this, Medical Device Manufacturing fall right in our sweet spot.

As a contract manufacturer, we are vertically integrated in that we offer board assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, test, custom processes and integration in to a finished assembly.

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