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Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions Establishes Kubler US Corp. to Spearhead North American Operations

Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions, a renowned leader in the high-tech industry, is excited to announce the creation of its US-based subsidiary, Kubler US Corp., as part of its strategic expansion into the North American market. Under the visionary leadership of Boris Kübler, General Manager of Kübler GmbH and CEO of Kubler US Corp., the company is poised to introduce its award-winning products and technology solutions, including the 2023 Mexico Technology Award-winning ARCHIMEDE Smart Storage System, to a wider audience.

Kubler US Corp. is rapidly establishing its footprint with the onboarding of new representatives across North America, including Don Dennison in the Northeast, The Murray Percival Company in the Midwest, Todd Foster in the Pacific NE, SmartSol in Mexico, and PMR in SoCal. This strategic move signifies a major leap forward in Küblers mission to deliver exceptional value and innovation in high-tech solutions to the American market.

We are thrilled to bring Küblers high-tech solutions to the US market, commented CEO Boris Kübler. “Our products, particularly the ARCHIMEDE Smart Storage System, are designed to offer superior performance and affordability compared to the competition. We are confident that our technology will revolutionize inventory management in North America. The combination of cutting-edge innovation and cost efficiency positions us to make a significant impact. We are set to make a killing in the US and establish a strong name for Kübler.

The ARCHIMEDE Smart Storage System, celebrated for its innovative approach to inventory control, is a testament to Küblers commitment to excellence. Its features include optimized space efficiency, rapid reel storage and retrieval, versatile configurations, Industry 4.0 readiness, efficient BoM management, and smart sensorized shelves. This system, alongside Küblers comprehensive suite of high-tech solutions, is set to redefine industry standards for efficiency, flexibility, and smart inventory management.

Kubler US Corp.s establishment marks a pivotal moment in Kübler GmbHs global expansion strategy. By leveraging a strong network of experienced representatives and award-winning technology, Kübler is well-positioned to cater to the dynamic needs of the North American market. The companys forward-thinking approach and dedication to innovation and affordability are expected to drive significant growth and success in the industry.

Further, Kübler US Corp. will exhibit for the first time at IPC APEX Expo this year, April 9-11, Booth #1715 in Anaheim, CA.

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