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PDR X-ray Solutions is pleased to announce that additional X-ray options are now available for printed circuit board inspection, industrial NDT inspection, and bio medical device inspection. Available in multiple kV ranges and image detector options, PDR X-ray Solutions takes its customers’ application needs seriously by configuring its X-ray systems appropriately to deliver the best image quality available based on specific needs.

With the ultimate in image enhancement software, PDR X-ray Solutions’ 4um micro-focus capability offers uncompromising X-ray performance at a truly affordable price. The closed-tube technology now offers greater minimum detectable feature size recognition for sharp, high image clarity examination of target samples than less well-designed tubes on the market today.

With enhanced geometric magnification, coupled with low power consumption, PDR X-ray Solutions’ total image chain is superbly engineered to provide outstanding image clarity. Additionally, GenX X-ray high performance X-ray systems offer programmable 4-axis (X, Y, Z 1/Z2) fully motorized motion control.

PDR systems are made in the USA with worldwide service and support, and one-year or multi-year warranties. PDR can help to determine the best X-ray source and detector depending on the application.

PDR X-ray Solutions was founded in 2012, distributing and supporting X-ray Solutions for the industry under the PDR brand as well as other well-known X-ray brands. For more information about PDR, contact:

PDR – X-Ray Solutions
3869 Dividend Drive
Shingle Springs, CA 95682
T: 530-676-6262