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Cetec ERP’s Software Platform Reduces Chaos to Help Companies Run More Efficiently and Cost Effectively

A software company based in Austin, TX, Cetec ERP was founded by seasoned enterprise resource planning (ERP) specialists with a desire to help businesses run their operations more efficiently. This desire led to a cloud-native platform with a robust, innovative feature set, available at a fraction of the cost of the typical ERP system.

The company is actively migrating small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies away from outdated, large enterprise systems to a Web-browser app that can run their entirebusinesses, lowering ERP technology costs to the point of commoditization. As a Web-based company, Cetec ERP digitally transforms customers’ businesses with a simple, affordable SaaS platform, providing a low-cost and innovative alternative to current ERP software.

“We hope to disrupt an aging, stagnant ERP software industry, currently dominated by tech behemoths and limited, low-level solutions for small/med business,” said Jordan Jolly,Implementation Director.

Cetec ERP provides a Web-based, fully integrated business suite for manufacturers and distributors. The company knows that ERP systems can be delivered in a practical, logical, and lower cost manner that will dramatically help small- and mid-sized companies. Jolly added, “We are committed to working closely with manufacturing companies around the world who want to take advantage of a complete full-suite platform. Our platform includes supply chain and inventory control, CRM and purchasing, production tracking and scheduling, quality control, accounting and financials. With a platform that is at once enterprise-caliber and extremely user friendly, Cetec ERP aims to become a trusted standard for both financials and operations excellence on behalf of manufacturers old and new looking to be smart about business software.”

The company has grown significantly since being founded in 1996, with a team that includes accounting, operations, and manufacturing veterans. Its goal is to help customers streamline their day-to-day tasks and grow their businesses without the hassle and cost associated with traditional ERP systems.

Cetec ERP provides advanced manufacturing cloud ERP software to a range of industries, including medical & life sciences, EMS & contract PCBA manufacturing, aerospace & defense, wire harness & cable assembly. Its software is technologically advanced with a long and proven history, powerful design, and modern delivery that make it unique from other products available, providing customers with a platform to increase both capacity and efficiency.

The digital platform consists of a range of programs: CRM and Sales Management functionality is fully integrated, so there is no duplicate data entry, no integration difficulty, and no additional cost/project headache. This results in enhanced sales processes, strong customer service, and reliable sales metrics while being able to anticipate customer needs and effectively respond to customer requests.

Manufacturing quoting and BOM estimationhelps sales teams stay consistent and work efficiently. Proven sales processes help customers acquire visibility to key metrics such as won/lost business, sales personnel performance, order/item profitability, and more. Benefits include the ability to turn quotes around quickly and reliably, collaborate more effectively throughout the quoting process, import hundreds of quote lines directly from Excel, import BOMs from Excel into quotes, establish a scalable quoting process, track ownership and history of quoting activity to maintain accountability, and predict cost and margin more efficiently.

Order Fulfillment: The company’s powerful, flexible business platform helps customers fulfill numerous customer and/or internal product demands including MTO, ETO, CPQ, CTO, Build For Stock, Finished Goods Distribution, Raw Materials Distribution, Subassemblies (Kan-Ban), etc. Orders are tracked and fulfilled quickly while providing excellent customer service, automate boring tasks, and get product out the door. Users can fulfill a variety of customer and/or internal product demands. Additional benefits include keeping inventory straight and appropriately allocated, providing visibility to order status across a company, avoiding redundant data entry, automating work order creation, automating delivery of work order data to the shop floor, efficient and straightforward time tracking, and more.

Purchasing and MRP: Cetec ERP streamlines the procurement process, cutting through complex dependencies of supply chains and material needs to help users buy strategically and optimize spends. This results in numerous advantages including increased cash flow with more systematic

management of purchasing activity, accurate part purchasing to predictively fill orders and production needs, visibility to analyze purchasing data and history, management of complex supply chains and procurement processes, on time arrival of goods, and more.

Inventory Management tracks inventory from high-mix/low-volume environments with thousands of part SKUs to metal and plastics processors with specific dimensional inventory requirements. This includes numerous benefits including powerful inherent lot and serial traceability for highly regulated industries, the ability to manage diverse product mixes across the enterprise, provide transparency to inventory levels, cost, and movement to all users, reduce accumulated overhead spent dealing with inventory issues, efficiently manage pricing per product or with flexible rules, pin down inventory issues with detailed activity tracking, gain total cost visibility and traceability across items through transactions.

Mobile Warehousing: Empower smaller teams to increase throughput and efficiently manage any volume of receiving, material allocation, and shipping with barcode scanners, mobile printers, and mobile tablets. Results include strengthened throughput and accuracy of the warehouse team, supported warehouse personnel with software-driven processes, visibility to stock levels system-wide, and informationally accurate stock that is pulled efficiently and with traceability.

Shop Floor: Cetec ERP tracks diverse shop floor environments, including labor and overhead tracking, electronic routers/travelers, and mobile data collection stations, helping the shop stay organized, efficient, and tightly integrated to the front office and the rest of the business. Benefits of using Cetec ERP’s Shop Floor is that orders can be located in production, production schedule and product mix can be simplified, customer challenges can be solved, process controls needed to produce in regulated markets can be implemented, and much more.

Planning and Scheduling are made simpler and less painful. Cetec ERP production management tools help users make sense out of complex material and labor dependencies and better anticipate customer needs. Additional benefits include the ability to allocate material and labor resources, meet production targets, meet customer demands, and prevent late work orders, visualize system suggested production schedules, make quicker, more informed scheduling decisions, prioritize work orders more effectively, and optimize capacity and waste fewer resources.

Integrated Document Management helps users stay clean and organized. The only document management system necessary is already built into the ERP system, saving time spent chasing through file naming schemes and spreadsheets. Other features include the ability to associate files to logical access points in the system, store any file type within any Cetec ERP business object, earn back time spent chasing through file cabinets and shared drives, eliminate worry about not being able to find a file again, get better control on document revisions and approvals. Jolly added, “With this feature, we can help make the world less chaotic by reducing paper volume. By taking advantage of our technology available today, users can make doing business more pleasant.”

Quality Assurance for ISO 9001 and 13485 Management: Integrate quality tracking directly to the ERP system, eliminate large portions of quality-related paperwork, and automatically fulfill ISO and related certification audit requirements. This reduces paperwork while saving time and money. Additional benefits include streamlined management of certification compliance requirements, built-in quality validation to the production management module, detailed quality checks via software driven process, and more.

Fully Integrated Accounting For Manufacturing links manufacturing operations directly to accounting processes and tracks transactions granularly, which are posted to the ledger in real time because they are processed in the system. Additional benefits include full integration with operations, perpetual based general ledger, modernized accounting systems, reduced clerical overhead, elimination of redundant validation and drawn-out reconciliation processes, and scaled up workflow, approvals, and streamlined processes.

Cetec ERP BI Platform helps customers take advantage of data, visualize with cloud BI custom reporting for new business critical insights, earn back hours of valuable management time spent preparing reports. Additionally, it can transform ERP data into a visual custom reporting tool, create and schedule custom reports to leverage ERP data, clarify internal activities and drive growth opportunities, customize reports, and stay competitive with total visibility and insight into their business.

The company’s software is designed for difficult manufacturing and provides unique benefits as a result. As companies grow and mature, Jordan explains that practical tools are needed to handle stringent regulatory requirements and track dynamic production environments. Cetec ERP can provide that – all from a single Web interface. He added that modern SaaS for ERP also is available. “Start for free on a leading-edge system, stay continually updated, and secure a path forward.” All modules, support, maintenance, and upgrades are included in a monthly subscription. Finally, the software is 100% Web-native, allowing employees the flexibility to pull up work orders on mobile tablets and to work remotely from anywhere.

“Cetec ERP is ERP + MRP + CRM + QMS,” Jordanconcluded. “We provide an all-in-one platform with everything you need, from sales and quoting to inventory management, document management, shop floor control, quality management, and financial accounting.”

For more information about Cetec ERP, contact Jordan Jolly, Implementation Director, at 1700 Montopolis Dr., Suite E, Austin, TX 78741; 512-299-9170;