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Hernon Introduces Industrial Grade Acrylic Adhesives for Battery Packs & Electric Motors

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.® is pleased to introduce its HASA 716 and UV React 795 Adhesives. HASA 716 is an industrial-grade adhesive, a single-component structural anaerobic that excels in gluing together rigid parts in high temperatures. It is designed to bond rigid assemblies permanently and ensure that the numerous magnets inside an electric motor do not shift or vibrate loose. HASA 716 and UV React 795 are so good that they shrug off impacts, vibrations and heat, and as acrylic adhesives, they serve as recommended substitutes for Loctite A533 and AA332.

Today, technological infrastructure like data junctions, under-sea data cables, battery packs and electric motors require top-grade bonding and sealants to ensure that sensitive internal components are safe in the air and water-tight enclosures, even in underwater applications. Marine vehicles also benefit from the extensive benefits rendered by high-grade modern adhesives. However, many industries and manufacturing as a whole, have improved by integrating advanced adhesives in their processes. The automotive industry, for example, is steadily gravitating towards electric motors. In an electric motor, the magnets’ prominent role is the generation of rotation, while a battery pack contains multiple batteries. These are both assembled and held in place by, you guessed it, adhesives. The battery pack provides the motor(s) with the juice to make rotation happen and produce both horsepower and torque. There are different types of industrial-grade adhesives intended to fill specific gaps in diverse manufacturing and production lines. Automotive battery packs for electric automobiles and electric motors call for optimally engineered adhesives for permanent bonding, ensuring that parts are glued and sealed to ward off water seepage and coolant leakages. If water seeps into a battery pack or an electric motor, corrosion will be the least of your worries. In the same breath, if the coolant leaks from the battery pack or the electric motor, heat will warp some components or burn others. UV ReAct 795 is designed with permanent motor magnet bonding in mind and engineered to leverage high tensile strength and versatility to ensure that magnets stay where they should. It is impact andpeeling-resistant, and when exposed to UV light, it cures to a permanent hard surface. HASA 716 and UV ReAct 795 are the perfect combos for battery packs and electric motors. With more than 44 years of engineering excellence, Hernon is a worldwide innovator in high-performance adhesives and sealants, and precision dispensing equipment. The company offers a complete array of solutions for its clients—including customized formulas, dispensing equipment and UV curing equipment—to support an efficient, cost-effective design and production process. For more information, visit

About Hernon®

Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.® produces high-performance adhesives, sealants, UV LED curing lights and precision dispensing systems. Hernon® maintains a library unique adhesive and sealant formulas in addition to creating customized formulas to address specific manufacturing challenges. A full in-house chemical laboratory ensures quick turn around on testing and development projects and an on-site equipment division allows Hernon® to build, service and integrate unique dispensing systems to even the most exacting specifications. This integration helps Hernon® to provide customers with a Total Solution for any unique application. Hernon® Manufacturing is headquartered in Sanford, FL. and maintains an ever-expanding network of over 100 distributor and partner locations around the globe. Already shipping to over 60 nations, Hernon® can provide adhesive solutions to manufacturing operations anywhere in the world.