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Mac-Dermid Alpha Showcases Solutions for Automotive Applications, 5G Infrastructure

MacDermid Alpha, one of the world’s largest providers of solutions for circuitry, assembly, and semiconductor manufacturers within the electronics industry will showcase automotive, 5G infrastructure, mobile devices, film, and surface finishing technologies at the Source India show at Chennai Trade Centre from February 13-14.
Powering a path to the future of chemicals utilized in electronic applications, MacDermid Alpha will exhibit at booth A17-A20 in Hall 1, reflecting their strong local presence in India and ongoing support to resident OEMs, EMS providers, ODMs, CEMs, and distributors.
Visitors can expect to see a wide range of innovative technologies, specifically designed to improve the reliability and performance of electric vehicles, power electronics, battery control units, battery management systems, batteries, 5G applications, automotive electronics, and mobile devices. Solutions on show will include specific offerings for die attachment such as ALPHA Argomax silver sintering paste, ALPHA, ATROX, ultra-low stress conductive die attach adhesive, and the SAC-based alloy, ALPHA  Innolot, for environments exposed to high temperature and vibration. Additionally, ALPHA HRL3 Solid Solder is designed to enable low-temperature processes designed to mitigate defects in selective and dip soldering, thereby mitigating effects created by warpage.

A range of Thermal Interface Materials, (TIMs), polymers/resins/potting compounds,and conformal coatings will also be available. MacDermid Alpha’s broad portfolio will include chemicals for PCB fabrication including Blackhole for lower cost of ownership and easier maintenance, high-performance films for smart surfaces, EMI shielding solutions, and superior battery component plating. In addition, pre- and post-treatments for the anodizing industry will be highlighted; these technologies are already exceeding the expectations of aluminum finishers around the world.

Experts from MacDermid Alpha will host three unmissable presentations at the technical conference on February 14. Gyan Dutt, Strategic Marketing Manager, Semiconductor Solutions, will present the paper ‘Advanced Materials for EV Powertrain and High-Reliability Applications’, covering high-reliability requirements for ADAS and connected applications in next-generation vehicles. The second presentation will examine polymers/resins/potting compounds, TIMs, and conformal coatings solutions for EV batteries and power electronics.

The presentation is titled ‘High-Performance Polymer Protection and Thermal Management for Power Electronics and E- Mobility’ and will be hosted by Padmanabha Shakthivelu, General Manager of MacDermid Alpha’s Electrolube brand in India.

Additionally, MacDermid Alpha’s OEM Sales Director (India), Sharan Aiyappa, will present the paper, ‘Film Insert Molding – the emergence of Display In-Mold Electronics and Smart Surfaces’ and will cover film insert molding technology for new automotive cockpit designs, especially those with curved surfaces, larger displays, more complex shapes, and integrated electronic functionality into plastic parts.

Padmanabha Shakthivelu, General Manager of MacDermid Alpha’s Electrolube brand in India, comments, “It is a fantastic opportunity for MacDermid Alpha, with unrivaled global R&D, and solutions that span the entire scope of the electronics supply chain, to interact with electronics manufacturers in India. We aim to demonstrate how we can significantly increase performance and reliability to the local market, with a focus on sustainability. With increasing global competition, rising expectations from consumers, and high pressure on supply chain operations, MacDermid Alpha’s local facilities in India can ensure chemical solutions developed to the highest global standards, highly efficient customer support, short lead times, and economies of scale.”

Reaching every aspect of the electronics supply chain from design to post-production, and beyond, MacDermid Alpha enables the highest quality electronics interconnection across the company’s integrated circuit, assembly, and semiconductor divisions. Established innovators aligned under MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions include Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester, and MacDermid Enthone brands.

Visitors to the show are welcome to meet MacDermid Alpha representatives at Booth A17-A20 in Hall 1 and discover how they can benefit from a complete ‘start to finish’ technology roadmap with some of the most advanced technologies on the market.

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