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SHENMAO Debuts High Thermal Impact Reliability NoClean Solder Paste PF918-P250, Elevating Automotive Electronics Performance

SHENMAO Technology proudly unveils its latest innovation, the PF918-P250 noclean solder paste, specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of automotive applications. With a focus on enhancing thermal impact reliability, PF918-P250 sets a new standard for performance, delivering superior results for automotive devices and high-power components.

SHENMAO’s PF918-P250 is the result of a dedicated effort to provide a cutting-edge solder paste solution tailored for automotive applications. The solder paste features a high-reliability lead-free alloy (Sn/4Ag/3Bi), showcasing a tensile strength performance that is 1.4 times greater than the typical SAC305 alloy. This makes PF918-P250 ideal for applications where thermal cycling reliability is crucial, such as in automotive devices and high-power components. Board-level thermal cycling tests conducted with real automotive IC products demonstrate that PF918-P250 boasts a thermal cycling life that is 2X longer than the SAC305 alloy, underscoring its exceptional durability and reliability.

A. Halogen-Free Compliance: PF918-P250 is halogen-free (ROL0) with no intentional addition of halogens, ensuring compliance with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH regulations.

B. Innovative Flux Design: The solder paste incorporates an innovative flux design, allowing for easy void control, achieving levels as low as 5 percent on QFN and MOS components.

C. Enhanced Thermal Reliability: PF918-P250 delivers a minimum 30 percent increase in thermal reliability performance, making it an ideal choice for applications with demanding thermal requirements.

D. SAC305 Compatibility: With a similar melting point to SAC305, PF918-P250 allows for the application of regular SAC305 reflow profiles, simplifying the integration process.

E. Optimal Solderability and Printability: PF918-P250 exhibits excellent solderability and printability, ensuring ease of use in manufacturing processes.

PF918-P250 is versatile and applicable to a range of high-reliability electronic products. While it is particularly well-suited for automotive electronics, it also finds utility in consumer electronics, servers, and long-service-life electronic products. The solder paste’s exceptional thermal reliability performance makes it a preferred choice for industries where reliability is paramount.

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