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ITW EAE announces a new SECS/GEM communication package for the MPM® Edison™ Printer. SECS/GEM is a semiconductor market communication standard that provides a common interface between manufacturing equipment. The Edison package collects and logs process data which can be used to optimize the production line.  

The MPM® Edison™ is the most accurate printer in the market with advanced technology needed for ultra-fine pitch and micro aperture printing processes. This makes it ideally suited for advanced semiconductor stencil printing applications. The MPM® Edison™ has a proven print process capability greater than 2 Cpk for 0201 metric components. With a built-in ±8 micron machine alignment, and ±15 micron wet print accuracy (≥2 Cpk @ 6 sigma, Edison’s wet print accuracy is 25% better than the next best printers.

MPM® Edison™ has a transfer efficiency that exceeds requirements for the smallest apertures. A single high precision load-cell with closed-loop pressure control and motor driven system enable precise and consistent squeegee force control across the entire print stroke in both directions, which helps improve yields. Innovative machine design achieves ultra-tight coplanarity between stencil and substrate enabling yield improvement for ultra-thin stencil printing. 

“This new SECS/GEM package will provide a ready-made interface for our semiconductor customers,” said Wayne Wang, MPM Business Manager. “MPM printers also feature ‘OpenApps’, an open application interface with a development kit that allows customers to develop custom interfaces in support of Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

ITW EAE, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., is the global leader in process knowledge, services and manufacture of capital equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together the world’s leading brands of electronics assembly equipment: MPM Printers, Camalot Dispensers, Electrovert Cleaners and Soldering Solutions, Vitronics Soltec Soldering Solutions and Despatch Thermal Processing Technology. For more information visit