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Emerald EMS Enhances Efficiency & Performance with IDENTCO Label Feeder

Emerald EMS
, a renowned leader in electronics assembly, has taken a significant stride towards optimizing manufacturing operations at its Saline, MI location by acquiring the state-of-the-art IDENTCO ILP-45 Label Feeder through The Murray Percival Company. This strategic investment highlights Emerald’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations through cutting-edge technology and process enhancements.

The IDENTCO ILP-45 Label Feeder brings a range of benefits to their production line, including a remarkable reduction in operator manual labor, improved placement accuracy, accelerated labeling processes, and an overall increase in the output of finished PCBs. By integrating this advanced label feeder into its operations, Emerald EMS is poised to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

As a customer-centric organization, Emerald EMS consistently strives to solve the most complex technical challenges while maintaining an unwavering commitment to flexibility. The company has built a reputation for assembling a passionate, talented, and technically-oriented team, resulting in successful partnerships with an array of remarkable clients.

The addition of the IDENTCO ILP-45 Label Feeder allows users to further optimize their investment in automation technologies. By automating the label placement process, the label feeder significantly reduces labor costs while ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency. The seamless integration of the label feeder onto the existing pick-and-place equipment minimizes the need for additional floor space, making it a practical and space-efficient solution.

“The acquisition of the IDENTCO ILP-45 Label Feeder represents our unwavering dedication to providing superior manufacturing solutions to our clients,” stated Randy Ferrell, Process Engineering Manager at Emerald EMS, Saline, MI. “By streamlining our labeling process, we anticipate a significant boost in productivity and operational excellence, ultimately delivering enhanced value to our customers. We appreciate our rep, The Murray Percival Company, for recognizing a need for this in our facility and bringing us a solution.”

IDENTCO, renowned for its industry expertise, has skillfully engineered the label feeder to exceed labeling requirements. When combined with the appropriate auto-apply labels, the IDENTCO ILP-45 Label Feeder ensures optimal performance, contributing to manufacturers’ pursuit of operational perfection and data delivery control.

With features like maximum label placement accuracy, flexible solutions for circuit board applications, and low maintenance costs, the IDENTCO ILP-45 Label Feeder aligns seamlessly with Emerald EMS’ mission to offer trusted solutions for high-reliability and mission-critical products.

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