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Enable DFX know-how digitalization with Vayo’s 3D DFM/DFA solution    

Vayo technology, a leading provider of design for manufacturability (DFM)/New Product Introduction (NPI) solutions, is pleased to offer manufacturing process know-how digitalization. The 3D DFM/DFA solution, an IPC awarded product, is designed to predict and analyze PCB design/fabrication/assembly risks and represent them effectively, allowing customers to convert the supplier standard checks to their own digitalized know-how knowledgebase. The result is improved product quality and reliability, reduced costs, and shortened time-to-market.

Figure 1  3D DFM/DFA solution

Why a 3D DFM/DFA Solution?

The Vayo 3D DFM/DFA intelligent software helps to effectively represent DFM/DFX risks thatmanufacturers may face in the production process to better analyze PCB design/fabrication/assembly risks like design omissions, prototyping assembly difficulties, mass production issues, and product reliability risks to increase product quality and reduce prototyping frequency to shorten time to market, directly increasing capabilities and product reliability. More specifically, the software can help use the companys 3D part package library to reform pin shape, import complicated packages like shields from step data, simulate finished assembly PCBA, interactively query results in 2D & 3D PCBA views, and eventually highlight risks in virtualized PCBA views and generate 3D result reports.

The 3D DFM/DFA solution also allows users to convert the supplier standard checks to their own digitalized know-how knowledgebase. In other words, they can easily create their own digitalized know-how library with the software. This includes using Vayos more than 1,500 checking rules, flexible fine-tune function, creating new rules easily, and adding more than 50 checking rules per year.

Build a Customized Digital Know-How Library for PCB Assembly

Comprehensive DFM/DFA checks: The solution comes with more than 1,500 initial checking rules (covering design, fabrication, and assembly checking).

Flexible rule creation & editing function: The creation & editing function allows users to convert the supplier standard checks to their own unique digitalized know-how knowledgebase.

Figure 3  Build your own digital knowledgebase

New algorithm of checking rules adding per year: Vayo adds more than 50 new algorithm of checking rules every year (63 new algorithms in 2021, 78 algorithms in 2022) based on industry developmenttrends and customer feedback.

Continuous checking rules development commitment: Vayo commits to developing new algorithmsof checking rules in continuous improvement when customers’ existing algorithms of checking rules no longer meet the needs.

What customers said about Vayo 3D DFM/DFA software?

Customer feedback on Vayos 3D DFA/DFM capability has been overwhelmingly positive, with Atar Mittal, General Manager from Sierra Circuits, saying, “The Vayo tool has been extremely useful for us in identifying assembly issues much ahead of the actual assembly process. This has drastically reduced holdups in the production line, increasing our productivity. Mukesh Vasani, CEO from Aimtron Corporation, added, It does a great job identifying assembly issues that can easily be captured in 3D DFA/DFM reports.

To learn more about VayoPro-DFM Expert, visit 3D DFM/DFA solution.

About Vayo Technology

18+ years dedication on manufacturing process digitalization for SMT industry (3D DFM/DFA analysis, core PCBA process digitalization, smart placement programming, DFT/testability & strategy analysis, SMT specialized CAM tool, …).