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Surf-Tech Manufacturing Continues Innovating the CM Industry by Providing Order Fulfillment Services

Headquartered in Ronkonkoma, NY, Surf-Tech Manufacturing Corporation has been providing advanced contract manufacturing services to numerous industries since its inception in 1989. Because of the company’s full-service capabilities, including all phases of electronic manufacturing and assembly work, many customers have been loyal to the company from the beginning. Surf-Tech Manufacturing specializes in SMT and has state-of-the-art automated equipment inhouse to perform critical placement of components. The company also specializes in through-hole assembly, electromechanical (box build) assembly, BGA assembly, rework and replacement, and it features turnkey capabilities.

Surf-Tech Manufacturing uses its technology experience and innovation to serve a range of high-profile industries, including aftermarket automotive, aircraft lighting, military (US Navy), Bluetooth technology communication, boiler room controllers, border security/surveillance camera, educational teaching aids, industrial leak detectors and level sensors, inspection systems, medical rehabilitation, and power converters/inverters/supplies.

Additionally, the company is IPC, ITAR registered, and ISO 9001 certified. Personnel are certified to various applicable standards including IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) and J-STD-001 (requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies).

Surf-Tech Manufacturing specializes in both turnkey and consigned orders. Due to its deep supply-chain connections, it has helped several customers move from consigned to full turnkey, saving them significant bottom-line costs.

President Stephen Eggart said, “We can provide a solution to all our customers’ needs from prototype design to end customer webstore fulfillment.

The order fulfillment capability is fairlynew to Surf-Tech Manufacturing. Eggart said the company began offering it a few years ago based on customer request. The service is straightforward: Surf-Tech Manufacturing connects directly with customers’ online webstores, including ShipStation and PayPal, to review web orders and process shipments. From there, it prints packing slips and tracking labels as well as picks and ships orders daily.  

Eggart added that all the customers Surf-Tech Manufacturing has helped with online order fulfillment needs have been small engineering companies that work out of their homes and do not have the capacity to complete this themselves.

The main target for this offering is startups and engineers who design a product and can support it, but don’t have the capacity to do daily shipments to support their webstore. We have processed as many as 200 orders a day, but typically process around 50,” said Eggart. “This offering tends to be more consumerrelated products and some are sent directly to Amazon for our customers’ listings.

Additionally, Surf-Tech Manufacturing handles all boxes, bags, instructions, and any other accessories that may need to be enclosed in the shipment. This leaves the customer with oneitem to be paid for, as opposed to an entire BOM worth of items to purchase, receive, stock, and manage. For small businesses, keeping track of this can be difficult since few are able to spend money on an ERP software program.

Surf-Tech Manufacturing can even take it a step further by maintaining stock and inventory levels through the use of min/max levels in its MRP system. Thisprevents against being out of stock during holiday or seasonal spikes. Order fulfillments are completed throughout the day and regular UPS, USPS and FedEx shipments are picked up daily.  

Eggert added that this service provides numerous benefits to Surf-Tech Manufacturing’s base of smaller customers. They do not need to order inventory and stock it themselves. They also do not need to worry about staffing a shipping department as their sales grow continually. Additional benefits for small business customers include reduced cost per order, improved time, and use of resources, seasonal scalability, decreased capital investment, faster shipping times, reducedshipping costs, and direct-to-customer shipping. However, it also offers benefits to Surf-Tech Manufacturing because the company is able to see real-time trends in sales, and it allows for increased manufacturing flexibility to ensure customers’ products are never out of stock.

Surf-Tech Manufacturing is one of only a few contract manufacturing companies to offer this service, furtherillustrating its desire to truly help its customers succeed.

For more information about Surf-Tech Manufacturing Corporation and its order fulfillment services, contact President Stephen Eggart at 28 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779; 631-589-1194; E-mail:; Web site: