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300W conduction-cooled rugged dc-dc for railway and industrial

Vox Power has announced a set of conduction-cooled 300W dc-dc converters, for railway and other rugged environment use.

Measuring 188.6 x 116 x 25.4, the 33.6 to 160V input range is intended to cover 48, 72, 96 and 110 V railway batteries. Dips to 28.8V can be ridden through covered for 100ms, complete drop-outs for 10ms, and 168V peaks for 1s. Input under-voltage lock-out can be set between 30 and 100V.

Four models cover outputs of 12, 24, 36 or 48V, and all of them have 90 to 125% adjustment.

Operation is nominally over -40 to +70°C, with 10 minute bursts to +85°C. Peak efficiency is 93% (92% in 12V version).

“The VCCR300 series delivers reliable power solutions for harsh and rugged environments,” said Vox Power business development director David Carley. “It is ideal for applications such as telecoms, roadside boxes, 5G, electrified moving equipment, and transportation devices.”

Where more power is needed, up to three can be paralleled using built-in droop current sharing and external sense resistors.

Input to output isolation is reinforced to 5.4kV, then there is non-reinforced isolation between input and chassis (3.4kV) and output to chassis (2kV).

No-load consumption is a maximum of 1.5W (1W typ) and a shut-down control drops this to 5mA (3.5mA typ).

It meets the EN50155 railway standard, and MIL-STD-810G for shock and vibration, and is approved to the IEC/UL62368-1 3RD edition industrial safety standard. EMC emissions and immunity exceed EN50121-3-2, EN55035 and EN55032 class B.

“Conformal coating safeguards against environmental factors and provides additional mechanical support,” according to the company. “With a calculated MTBF exceeding 2 million hours, the VCCR300 series offers long term reliability in a ruggedised package.”