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ROCKA Solutions Expands Operations in the USA to Better Serve North American Customers

ROCKA Solutions is pleased to announce its official status as a USA-based company, headquartered in Texas, to better serve its valued customers in the United States and Canada.

As part of this expansion initiative, ROCKA Solutions has significantly increased its warehouse capacity in its Pharr, TX location, growing from 6,000 square feet to an expansive 15,000 square feet. Additionally, the company has established a new warehouse in El Paso, TX, spanning 5,000 square feet.

The decision to establish a USA-based company reflects ROCKA Solutions’ commitment to providing top-notch service and support to its growing customer base in North America. The facilities in Texas allow for efficient distribution and quick response to the needs of clients across the region.

Looking ahead, ROCKA Solutions has ambitious plans for further expansion and is actively exploring opportunities to add more warehouse capabilities in key locations. This expansion strategy aligns with ROCKA Solutions’ customer-centric approach, aiming to follow the footprint of its clients and enhance accessibility to its cutting-edge products.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch service to our customers in North America, we are excited to announce ROCKA Solutions’ official presence as a USA-based company. Our expanded warehouse facilities in Pharr and El Paso demonstrateour dedication to meeting the growing needs of our clients with increased efficiency and faster delivery times,” said Rodrigo Cacho, ROCKA President & CEO.

The expansion and localization of operations in the USA will empower ROCKA Solutions to provide even more agile and responsive services to its growing customer base in North America.

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