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Silicone form-in-place gasket seals automotive assemblies

Loctite has created a silicone form-in-place gasket material for automotive electronic enclosures.

SI 5972FC is a one-part RTV (room temperature vulcanising) liquid-then-elastomer “with adhesion to a range of metal and plastic surfaces, specifically designed to pass OEM leak or blow-out pressure tests immediately after assembly”, according to the company. “By avoiding the need for curing ovens, Loctite SI 5972FC also helps manufacturers reduce energy usage and carbon emissions.”

Specifically, is is intended to pass 3PSI leak testing immediately after assembly, or somewhat higher shortly after assembly.

With a tin-free catalyst and alkoxy curing system, the dispensable silicone material is EU Reach Directive compliant. The material’s non-corrosive outgassing and low volatility (D4-D10 <0.1%) suits it to use near sensitive electronic components.