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A leading electronics manufacturing services provider, Rocket EMS was founded and incorporated in 2011 in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company focuses on innovation and delivering quality, providing numerous services across multiple industries, including manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, automated test, DFX analysis, PCB layout, BGA rework, system build and functional test.

Rocket EMS is an electronics manufacturing services provider that focuses on innovation and delivering quality across numerous industries.

The company has a 36,000 sq. ft. facility in Santa Clara, CA with updated infrastructure both from a networking and power perspective that exudes efficiency in every dimension. Additionally, it recently expanded its production capabilities with a new factory in Carson City, NV.

The company monitors, measures, analyzes, and improves processes to demonstrate product conformity, ensure quality management system conformity and maintain effectiveness. Customer products do not leave the production line until they have been tested, inspected, and verified to meet all of Rocket EMS’s quality standards and customer requirements for a perfect performance every time.

Rocket EMS works with clients in a variety of markets, across numerous industries, including medical, telecommunication, industrial, test/measurement, defense/aerospace, consumer electronics, clean technology, computing and storage, and RF/wireless. Because Rocket EMS stays current with emerging technologies and industry trends, the company often is called upon to work on complex, high-tech projects where cross-industry knowledge is essential in both development strategy and end product reliability. Its work process factors in relevant market considerations as well as certification requirements, ensuring the appropriate path is not only well known, but also fully planned for.

Jacob Andresen, engineer at Rocket EMS. The Cheetah EVO is simple to use and helped clear up issues at the Carson City facility.

Because attentiveness to detail and exceeding clients’ needs are important to Rocket EMS’s success, the company is careful to partner only with companies whose values mirror their own. As a result, it only purchases efficient, effective machines, and only from companies that provide excellent technology and service. Comet Yxlon, a company of the Comet Group, is one of Rocket EMS’s newest partners because both companies’ visions align well. Rocket EMS purchased a Cheetah EVO X-ray inspection system from Comet for its new Carson City facility.

An engineer at Rocket EMS said that they chose the Comet Yxlon Cheetah EVO over all other electronics x-ray inspection systems because it is the best in its class. They needed quality and reliability, and Comet’s X-ray system delivers that and more.

President Michael Kottke added that the Cheetah EVO has helped Rocket EMS clear up its supply chain issues at the Carson City facility.

Comet Yxlon Cheetah EVO – 2D, ball escaped in via

The Cheetah EVO is the market’s best X-ray inspection system for failure analysis applications. It excels in a laboratory environment, solving more problems than competing systems. Additionally, the Cheetah EVO harnesses the combined power of X-ray tube technology, high-power target technology, a finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector and a state-of-the-art manipulation system. The system can generate images in extremely high resolution, easily overcoming the unique challenges of the laboratory application areas. Cheetah EVO software can be tailored to meet Rocket EMS’s individual requirements, allowing its operators to define their own specific analysis. This also includes customized algorithms.

In addition to imaging excellence, with the Cheetah EVO, Rocket EMS enjoys simple, user-friendly controls and intuitive FGUI software, not to mention the myriad of benefits of comprehensive automation.

One-click solutions make manual inspection effortless and live SMART filters ensure perfect images. Rocket EMS says since the system has been up and running in the Carson City facility, the operators and engineers have been pleased with the X-ray image quality, reliability and ease of use.

Just as important as capabilities is service. Rocket EMS prides itself on providing quality customer service and expects the same level of service from its partners. Comet Yxlon did not disappoint. Rocket EMS is pleased with the Cheetah EVO as well as Comet’s customer service and that will consider purchasing additional products in the future.

To find out more about Rocket EMS, contact the company at 2950 Patrick Henry Dr, Santa Clara, CA; 408-727-3700; E-mail:; Web site: For more information about Comet Yxlon industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems, visit the company at 3055 Orchard Dr., San Jose, CA 95134; 408-786-0276; E-mail:; Web site: