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Entrepix’s Technologies and Services Provide the Semiconductor Industry with Innovative CMP Solutions Optimized for the Future

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Entrepix Inc., an AMTECH Group company, is a leading provider of advanced wafer cleaning and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) solutions for the semiconductor industry. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, Entrepix has continuously evolved and expanded its offerings over the years. Today, Entrepix is known for its new OnTrak cleaners, advanced polishing head testers, and its large catalog of spare parts and upgrades for CMP polishing and cleaning equipment. As a trusted partner for engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing solutions in the semiconductor industry, Entrepix is dedicated to customer satisfaction and costeffective, reliable solutions for CMP and cleaning applications.

Entrepix was founded 25 years ago as a pioneer in the refurbished equipment market, bringing new life to legacy equipment by offering top to bottom remanufacturing of aging CMP equipment and providing new parts and upgrades as well as solutions for obsolete components. Building on this success, Entrepix introduced the industry’s first CMP foundry service, providing the world’s largest CMP technology portfolio. Working with Entrepix guarantees that customers have access to a comprehensive range of CMP and wafer cleaning solutions tailored to their specific needs, said General Manager Jim Mello.

As a globally recognized expert in CMP and wafer cleaning, Entrepix excels in developing hardware, process, and applicationspecific solutions that enhance the capabilities of industry-leading platforms like Applied Materials Mirra and Reflexion polishers, the new Entrepix OnTrak system as well as legacy OnTrak models. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience, Entrepixhas established itself as a trusted expert in a demanding industry and takes pride in its long and growing list of customers, which includes many of the worlds leading IC fabricators, OEMs, materials suppliers, and defense contractors. These partnerships are a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and meeting customers’ exacting requirements.

Entrepix is also well known for its expert engineering team that has developed performance and reliability upgrades, replacement of obsolete parts and sub-assemblies as well as a module refurbishment and exchange program that greatly enhances customers ability to keep their critical production equipment up and running. This engineering prowess ensures that Entrepix customers can maximize the performance and lifespan of their CMP equipment.
Entrepix operates an ISO 9001:2015 certified in-house foundry that provides CMP services such as process development, consumable testing and qualification, overflow production, and equipment demonstrations as well a distributed flow process that allows Entrepix to work with local partners to provide full process solutions through Entrepix. “By providing comprehensive services, we continually work to be a one-stop solution for all CMP and wafer cleaning requirements,” said Foundry Business Unit Manager Scott Drews.

The new redesigned Entrepix DSS-200 wafer cleaning system is a stateoftheart wafer scrubber that builds upon the legacy of the OnTrak platform while introducing numerous upgrades for a more efficient, costeffective CMP Process. As the OEM for OnTrak systems, Entrepix has engineered the DSS-200 for reliability, longevity, and seamless compatibility with legacy OnTrak systems. Most recently, the DSS-200 OnTrak has become highly sought after by Silicon Carbide (SiC) device makers due to its established record of cleaning efficiency and familiarity as well as excellent service and parts support.
The Entrepix DSS-200was borne out of the need to keep the longtime industry standard wafer scrubber running as the original OEM moved away from supporting the legacy platform. Entrepix began to provide obselence solutions and support prior to aquirring the OEM licence and redesigning the DSS-200 for todays manufacturing environment.

The new Entrepix DSS-200 offers several compelling features that enhance the platform to address the evolving needs of todays manufacturing enviroment. These features include:

Replacement and modernization of obselete parts
New user friendly software interface as well as an industrystandard Windowsbased computer with solidstate hard drives and full SECS/GEM intergration
Full data capture and logging by wafer, lot ID, module ID, or user ID as well as userdefined alarm setpoints by wafer count or elapsed time
Flexible user security configurations and improved wafer recovery and teach functions
Expansion availability for advanced motion controllers, distributed I/O, and sensor monitoring.

The Entrepix DSS-200 is available in three configurations: CE, Synergy, and Integra. These configurations enable a comprehensive range of applications, including post-CMP clean, pre-bond clean, pre-photo clean, advanced packaging applications, post-metal deposition, post-ILD deposition, post-scribe, and substrate manufacturing. “The DSS-200 is an enduring product that continues to thrive as the preferred system for post-CMP cleaning, ensuring its longevity in the industry,” said Product Manager Josh Beckenhauer.

The Entrepix Entegrity head tester is another example of the company’s commitment to providing value and cost savings to customers. The Entegrity head tester is a tabletop polish head testing system that provides customers withinvaluable data regarding their missioncritical consumables that make up the Titan, Profiler, Contour, and EVO polishing heads. Features include:
Userfriendly touch screen interface
Customizable settings and recipe programming
Ability to test individual zones for leaks or cross talk
Head serialization for data tracking
Internallygenerated data log with graphing
Network capatibility or USB interface for data download.

Entrepix has established itself as a leading provider of CMP and wafer cleaning solutions through its constant commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry expertise. With its extensive portfolio of products and services, including the cutting-edge DSS-200 OnTrak and Entegrity head testing system, Entrepix continues to add value though leading edge ideas and designs, driving efficiency and reliability for device manufacturers, materials providers, and OEMs worldwide.

“While quality and innovation are cornerstones of Entrepix, service is just as important. We’ve built our company around four key values: service, humility, courage, and optimism,” saidMello. “We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, advanced solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs while fostering an environment of respect, collaboration, and innovation.”

To find out more about Entrepix, contact the company at its Corporate Headquarters: 4717 E. Hilton Ave., Ste 200, Phoenix, AZ 85034; 602-426-8677; E-mail:; Web site: