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SMTXTRA Elevates Industry Standards with Comprehensive Feeder, Head, and NXT Machine Repair and Service Solutions

SMTXTRA, a renowned leader in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment services, proudly announces its all-encompassing repair and servicing offerings for Feeder, Head, and NXT Machines. As the industry’s preferred choice, SMTXTRA sets the bar for excellence in repair services.

SMTXTRA’s dedicated team of Fuji engineers conducts precise repairs using state-of-the-art software upgrades, tooling, and equipment within their controlled technical environment. The extensive Fuji head repair services include AIMEX DX heads, R12, R4 auto tools, and a comprehensive range of models.

SMTXTRA proudly holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, assuring customers of top-notch quality management systems. The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service coupled with competitive pricing has solidified its position as a leader in the Surface Mount Electronic Assembly sector.

SMTXTRA’s Complete Range of SMT Services:

Feeder Repair and Testing: SMTXTRA’s specialist repair center offers feeder repairs with a 3-month warranty, backed by cutting-edge software and equipment.

Calibration: The company provides calibration services for various SMT equipment brands, ensuring precision and accuracy.

Servicing: With a team of fully trained SMT Technicians, SMTXTRA offers expert servicing for SMT parts and equipment, guaranteeing reliable performance.

Maintenance: SMTXTRA’s maintenance services help optimize SMT equipment to ensure uninterrupted production.

SMTXTRA serves the global electronics industry, delivering productivity-enhancing solutions for Surface Mount electronic assembly worldwide. With an established presence in Doncaster, UK, and satellite offices in Hungary and China, the company specializes in high-quality SMT production spares and consumables. The company’s expert team collaborates closely with customers to help achieve production targets, functioning as an extension of their engineering and purchasing teams.

To instill confidence in customers, SMTXTRA quality-checks all SMT Parts & Equipment through its team of dedicated SMT Technicians. Many products now come with warranties and flexible payment terms. They also offer competitive delivery times and costs, with daily shipments via TNT, UPS, DHL, and FedEx across Europe and the Americas.

SMTXTRA continues to raise industry standards and expand its offerings to meet the evolving needs of the electronics assembly sector. The company recently relocated to a new 12,000 sq ft head office in Doncaster, United Kingdom, strategically positioned to accommodate growing resources, facilitate order processing, and support the global electronics SMT production market.

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About SMT Xtra

Founded in 2007, SMT Xtra has become a well-established European company with a global base in Doncaster, UK, and satellite offices in Hungary and China. Specializing in quality SMT production spares and consumables, they serve a diverse global customer base and export worldwide. Their ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores their commitment to quality service and competitive pricing, positioning them as a leader in the Surface Mount Electronic Assembly sector.