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Founded in 1991 in Milan, Electric Components and Instruments Europe (ECIE) is an electronics manufacturing services provider focusing on the automotive market. The company was the first player in the market to provide a global quality service: research, production and customer service and has worked closely with legendary Italian automotive manufacturers from the beginning. The needs of some of the most popular brands (including Aprilia, Cagiva, Ducati, Malaguti, Moto Guzzi and MV Agusta) are serviced by its professional staff who have more than 12 years of experience in this field, developing processes, ideas and products.

Research, innovation and development is ECIE’s recipe for success. For the past 30 years, the company has had a reputation for quality, fast growth and success because of its ability to establish strong partnerships with customers and suppliers, based on mutual trust and shared perspectives and goals.

We make intelligent technology easy to use and useful,” said Francesco Tallarico, ECIE’s Electronic Business Unit. “We use standardized technologies and products to providecustomized solutions.” ECIE’s product range offers a range that meets all needs, and its product range includes front and rear taillights, headlights, direction indicators, electrical devices, dashboards, and accessories.

Tallarico added that the company’s most important resource – and main reason for its success – is its personnel. “Our customers’ specific requirements constantly are exceeded because of our team members’ synergy. We provide a multi-disciplinary team of more than 40 people with different backgrounds and experience,” he added. “Because of our well-rounded, experienced team, we have no limits and continue to develop motivated by the common goal of providing a service of utmost quality.

Another important goal of ECIE is customer service. The company strives to meet every customer’s needs with punctuality and efficiency. ECIE has a dedicated electronic development team to meet the needs of the digital instrumentation market. Because of this, the company can offer continuous flow of qualified information and services processed by customer need, ensuring a best-fit strategy that reinforces the potential of each product. Tallarico added that an important key to the company’s success is the continuous updating of its facilitiesas well as using increasingly advanced technologies.

To ensure it is using the most advanced, innovative technologies, ECIE partners with cutting-edge companies whose values of quality, efficiency and flexibility match its own. One such partner is Weller Tools. ECIE purchased Weller’s WTBR1000 Soldering Robot to improve its soldering process.

“ECIE was hand soldering a sensor for BMW’s back doors and wanted to improve this process. They came to us, and we knew our WTBR1000 soldering robot was the ideal fit,” said Luca Conte, Market Development Manager at Weller Tools. “After numerous presentations and tests, ECIE purchased it, making them the first Italian buyer of the robot.”

Conte added that after a few months, the operator (who had no previous experience using robot/automation), has been able to improve the program significantly, increasingproductivity by 30 percent compared to hand soldering. Additionally, BMW told ECIE that both quality and reliability have improveddramatically. ECIE is so satisfied with the Weller soldering robot that it has allowed Weller to bring three potential customers to its facility to show them how the robot works.
Weller’s WTBR1000 Benchtop Soldering Robot represents a one-of-a-kind synergy of precision, reliability and productivity of soldering tasks. Known as the having the highest soldering precision and superior reliability, the robot is equipped with Weller‘s highperformance Technology Line soldering tools, ensuring consistent quality of solder joints. The solder feeder is designed to be in close proximity to the workpiece (PCB), pulling the wire rather than pushing it through the feeder tube.Additionally, the sturdy, robust construction ensures that no sudden movements or vibrations negatively affect the workpiece, the components or the tools.

The robot is designed to maximize productivity while lowering cost. A double drawer system allows continuous production,thereby providing much higher process throughput, improving productivity and offering flexibility as well as up to 50 percent cost savings vs. hand soldering. It also features easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software that allows operators to start using the unit comfortably and quickly. It is easy to switch from one operator to another, with minimum time lost and without unnecessary training expenses. Additionally, being a fully-enclosed system, with integrated fume extraction, the WTBR1000 Benchtop Robot allows customers to achieve the highest level of safety: protecting the operator, the workpiece (PCB) and the machine. The fully-enclosed system provides a complete and CE-compliant solution to the customer.

ECIE has taken advantage of Weller’s 50+ years of experience in soldering and innovation to take the next step in achieving production excellence.

For more information about ECIE S.r.l., contact Francesco Tallarico at (+39) 02 933 007 1; E-mail:; Web site: To find out more about Weller Tools, e-mail or visit