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Insituware LLC, the developer of the first smart measurement solution for quality control of materials, announced its plans to present a paper atthe High Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference scheduled to take place Oct. 5-7, 2021 in Dallas, TX.  

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear Wilson Chen, Materials Engineer with Insituware, discuss how dielectric spectroscopy (DS) can be used to determine the percentage of solids in solvent-borne conformal coatings. DS can be used as a process control tool to control the material thinning process, track changes in solids content due to solvent evaporation, and determine lot to lot variation of coatings.

The goal of this conference is to enable electronics manufacturers to address critical reliability issues of today and prepare for tomorrow. Participate in this event to gain updates and insights on cleaning circuit board assemblies and how to use conformal coatings to protect electronics in the field.

Insituware’s groundbreaking technology measures the fitness for use of solder paste, conformal coating, and more. The Vision MARK-1 has changed the daily world of electronics manufacturing and brought quality control to a new level by providing clear indicators if materials are fit for use.

The Vision MARK-1’s ability to ensure materials consistency before and during use in volume manufacturing helps to increase throughput, improveaccuracy and repeatability, and provide materials traceability to meet the requirements of various quality standards.

The handheld Vision MARK-1 device is powered by analytical sensors, machine learning, and cloud-based technology to bring materials control solutions right on the factory floor. Insituware continues to develop new materials control solutions for manufacturers to help them drive towards Industry 4.0.

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About Insituware LLC

Insituware is a materials solutions provider that is revolutionizing the way materials are measured to help manufacturers establish world-class quality control processes. Insituware has incorporated technology advancements such as data analytics and machine learning that now make it possible to easily control materials on a manufacturing floor. With the Vision MARK-1’s capability to monitor materials behavior, companies can increase throughput, reduce costs, and improve reliability.

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