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NXP UWB RF IC for automotive digital keys and in-cabin radar

NXP has introduced an intelligent automotive RF IC that can implement automatic vehicle unlocking and short-range in-cabin radar, for example.

“This enables OEMs to transform a single UWB-based car access system into a flexible, multi-purpose platform, enabling multiple use cases with the same hardware – for example, OEMs can leverage their secure car access system to also deliver features like child presence detection, in compliance with the US Hot Cars Act and European NCAP roadmap,” according to the company.

Called NCJ29D6B, it is IEEE 802.15.4 compatible and has a dual antenna interface for diversity, maximum
ratio combining and angle-of-arrival estimation.

Processing is by an on-die Arm Cortex core of undisclosed type, and it also has a CAN FD controller.

And that is about all NXP will disclose about this IC, except that it is designed to exceed ISO21434 cybersecurity requirements, and: “CCC MAC and FiRa MAC offer standard-compatible UWB ranging protocols docking directly to the customer application software, enabling and simplifying Autosar architectures”.

Intrusion detection is another potential application. NXP expects these ICs to be on the road in model year 2025.